Read this text from Dionne Brand's A Map to the Door of No Return quietly to yourself:

"Snow is quiet. It is not like rain. It has the sound of nothing happening. It is like a deep breath held and held. I sit in the car and the cold of it begins to creep in. There is a way that land defeats you, just the sum of it. In a cold car on Pinery Road and Concession 11 , you notice its width. When it’s covered in snow you know that it is hardly sleeping. It is like a huge brown-backed being waiting.

In the snow every distance is long. At Pinery Road and Concession 11 there is a peace, except it is too much peace. I imagine remaining in the car until all this peace and snow covers me and I melt into the forest. I settle into eternity. I would prefer the world to stop now, or at least my part in the world at Pinery Road and Concession 11. But it doesn’t, so I contemplate the walk to Burnt River." (page 145-146).

Consider where your own site of peace might be;

find it on a satellite map, and;

map your way to it from wherever you are right now.

Trace the line to there on a piece of paper, and save the coordinates for when you might need them again later.