write this quote from adrienne maree brown down on a scrap of paper and leave it where someone will find it:

"And now I have become obsessed with how we can be movements like flocks of birds, underground power like whispering mushrooms, the seashell representation of a galactic vision for justice - small patterns that avoid useless predation, spread lessons, and proliferate change."

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Thinking about this quote from Audubon magazine:

"Many schooling species maneuver as intricately as the most cohesive bird flocks - and they're much easier to study, because they can be watched and photographed from above in open tanks. In the 1960s a Russian biologist, Dmitrii Radakov, tested schools and found that they can successfully avoid predators, as a whole, if each fish simply coordinates its movements with those of its neighbors. Even if only a handful of individuals know where a predator is coming from, he wrote, they can guide a huge school by initiating a turn that their neighbors emulate and their neighbors' neighbors, and so on. Unlike linear flocks of geese, which do have a clear leader, clusters are democratic. They function from the grassroots; any member can initiate a movement that others will follow."

from the image search for starling murmuration:

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